Sunday, February 27, 2011

Overlooked photos, Western IL HP

Uninspired tonight as my friends score their first tornadoes of the year - overlooked photos not seeming so fun! Now I'm ready to take an entire new album of photos to forget about and discover in two years.

Tonight's photo comes from the June 21 2010 HP supercell in western Illinois. I shared this beast with Colin Davis and other area chasers. Not a big talk severe weather day at all, but just a storm that fired along a boundary in extreme summer instability and did it's thing. Several tornadoes were reported early in the storm's life cycle before I had made my intercept, and one was even reported only moments after this photo "lofting tornadoes into the air". I have yet to be proven wrong in discounting that report. With this photo being super wide angle, you don't get much closer to the area of interest than this and somehow let a major tornado like that go un-noticed.

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