Thursday, February 17, 2011

Overlooked photos, day 13 - Father's Day 2008 Dust Storm

Father's Day 2008, that being June 15th that year had a disorganized bow echo crossing central Illinois during the early afternoon. I had no plans of chasing, and was spending the afternoon out at my dad's in Sidney, IL. I'd been periodically checking on the radar watching the bow echo pulse up, let the outflow surge ahead, have new cells fire along that boundary, and then gust out again.

Once the storm began pushing into the area I figured I would just head out on my dad's porch and watch the gust front push through. That's when I noticed a dark brown hue to the sky and realized there was a ton of dust being kicked up and pushed ahead of the gust front. I immediately grabbed my camera and ran to my car and bolted down the highway out of town. I was leaving literally as the gust front blew through town so there was no getting ahead of it. I snapped a couple bad photos of the wall of dust passing over me, and then snapped this guy as the wall of dust pushed on to my east. Winds were probably sub-severe, but a dry spell in that region left plenty of dust for the kickin'!

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