Friday, February 4, 2011

Missed Photos Archive Day 2

Day two in the series of overlooked photos from the past to help keep cabin fever at bay! Snow is piled 20 feet tall on the sides of the roads, but I can feel it! It's coming!

The second photo in the series is from June 3 2008 near Carrollton, Illinois. Myself, along with an automobile caravan of other chasers (Mark Sefried, Darin Kaiser, Scott Kampas, and Brad Emel) chased a classic mini-supercell that produced a gorgeous cone tornado that evening. After bailing on the initial storm as it crossed an outflow boundary into cooler more stable air, we dropped south and intercepted this tornado warned supercell. Surface winds were fairly weak and it took the interaction with the outflow boundary to spawn our earlier tornado, so low level rotation was not very intense on this storm but the structure was gorgeous. I lost my caravan while driving through a town, so I pulled off on a small country road and just enjoyed the show where this photo was taken.

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