Monday, February 28, 2011

Overlooked photos finale

Hard to believe I overlooked this one way back when, but I did. July 21st 2008 was simply a lightning chase. I'd played restaurant league softball for the better part of the evening know that there was almost a 100% chance of explosive convection along a boundary after dark. Sure enough, around sunset towers began exploding as severe storms erupted in central Illinois.

I initially went northwest along Interstate 74 toward Peoria, but given convective trends I detoured at Mahomet and caught Hwy 47 south toward the Monticello, IL area and stopped there. I then spent the better part of the night sitting there alone in a cornfield with lightning strobing all over. At one point, the anvil crawlers became epic. If only there was a time in my past that I had the wide angle lens that I do now.

Anyway, here's another in the top 5 moments that I am at my happiest - mid-summer in a corn field all alone with lightning surrounding me.

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Dann Cianca said...

Excellent, excellent.